“…I was having a hard time with something that I didn't even realize was an issue and she identified it and helped me to fix it. She is endlessly patient and will lovingly guide you easily through your upsets. I highly recommend her especially to anyone else who also feels "stuck" on their journey. I can say that I definitely don't feel stuck anymore! 💖” ~A. Georgia, USA

“Leesie helped me focus on my upsets and heal a few deep ones I was holding on to. She is thorough and kind and I really enjoy our energy together. I feel comfortable sharing with her and it's nice to feel safe when feeling my feelings.” ~V. New York, USA

“Leesie is so connected to feelings and she made me feel so safe being in such a vulnerable state. She stayed so present with me the whole time and made sure this upset/trauma was fully healed. I felt so good after we were done. Leesie is an amazing coach and takes great care of her clients in vulnerable places." ~D. Utah, USA

My session with Leesie was absolutely Divine and so so perfect in every way. From the moment I logged onto the session, I was welcomed and supported by her loving and nurturing energy. She very gently and compassionately created a space for me where I felt completely safe to be open and vulnerable and truly receive the support I needed. I was weeping with release and healing within the first 10 minutes as she pinpointed exactly what my core upset was! It was truly a 5-STAR experience in every way. She is a very gifted coach and her desire to support and love her clients fully in exactly the way they need is incredible.

Do NOT hesitate to book a session with her - you will receive exactly what you need!" ~S. London, United Kingdom

"One of the things that impressed me most was the feeling of comfort I had when talking to her. We worked on some upsets and traumas that I had. Not only this, it also opened my eyes in other aspects about my journey. She's amazing. I recommend working with her." ~J., Spain

"Leesie was so warm and inviting as I started my session with her. She guided me through a DEEP upset and patiently gave me space while I worked with it. She knew exactly how to help me love myself and just encouraged me to stay with my feeling and love myself. God guided her to pull cards for me and they were exactly on point and helped me go even deeper with our session. Leesie is truly a gifted coach to work with and she poured so much love into it!" ~D. Massachusetts, USA

“Leesie held very understanding space for me as I delved into my upsets, and I embraced a deep acceptance of the repressed anger I had towards my Twin Flame and God. She also guided me in seeing how the fear and anger I had been holding onto were illusory and easily released. I dived into an even greater love for my twin and surrender to God as the session concluded. I felt much lighter and relieved afterwards, and so thankful for the completely nonjudgmental space she provided for me to feel into my feelings and love myself unconditionally. Very much recommend her as a coach!”
~M. Texas, USA